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Enjoy personalized service sorting, digitizing, and creating custom archival albums all of your unique photos and memories. I will help unpack and manage your photos so you can finally enjoy your memories. We'll break this process down into workable goals and then I will walk with you every step of the way in preserving your photo legacy.

When papers are everywhere and there’s no time to combat clutter in your home office and other living spaces, get the right resources and calming guide you need to finally get (and stay) organized.

With 20+ years of experience, I provide decluttering, easy to use productivity tools, printed photo organizing, and the accountability you need to cultivate more calm.

I’m Caren Osborne, and I have a passion for helping people like you become more productive so that you can accomplish your work and enjoy your life without disorganization and overwhelm.

Everything I do is informed by decades of experience, vetted best practices, and certification in proven frameworks from both the Productive Environment™ Institute and the KonMari Method® from renowned expert, Marie Kondo. What this means is that I have the deep expertise and efficient resources to help you make your spaces as productive, efficient, and calming as possible.

And because so much of life’s clutter extends far beyond the office, I also provide unpacking and organizing after a move, help downsizing, general home organizing/decluttering, and even printed photo organizing services. In fact, for decades, I’ve helped our clients organize, digitize, and preserve tens of thousands of treasured photographs.

Caren's Organizing Solutions CEO

Hi! I’m Caren Osborne and I have been helping individuals for over 20 years preserve their photo legacies. I believe in the importance of preserving and sharing your photos and their stories so that they can be enjoyed now and for future generations.

My passion for organizing extends to helping individuals eliminate their paper and digital clutter. I set you up with systems that are easy to use and maintain that give you peace of mind and help you to be more productive.

Office Organizing

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed, unproductive and unfocused?

  • Would you like to have reliable systems in place so that you can stay focused and be more productive?

Home Office Organizing Services

Photo Organizing

  • Are your photos packed away in old albums, boxes, bins, plastic bags, and drawers that are not easily accessible to view or show others?

  • Would you like to have them organized and preserved to be able to enjoy now and for future generations?

Custom Photo Services

What clients share

From office organizing to photo organizing, our clients enjoy a new sense of calm.

"The new system is easy to update and easy to find anything in. I love it."

"I had a 4-drawer professional filing cabinet that was literally full of papers and things I had 'filed' over the years. I decided I needed to go through it and get rid of stuff I didn't need but thinking about the work it would take made me feel sick to my stomach. I would shut it back up and walk away. It was full so I had files in other places in the home.

Caren came over prepared with a filing plan and a calm demeanor. Together we looked at every single thing and filed papers that I still needed. What I love most is that the big filing cabinet is EMPTY!

I now have two small boxes that I use on a regular basis and I'm not afraid of them anymore. What's more is that I have learned skills that I can apply to other 'paper' or clutter situations in my home. I recycled or shredded over 130 pounds of paper!

I highly recommend Caren for your organizing needs!! She made the

process feel easy instead of scary."

Thursall C, Office Organizing Client

"Caren did a wonderful job organizing my office in a way that is sustainable for me."

"I have always been organizationally challenged, but she explained the process very clearly, did not judge me and helped me learn the process as we worked.

The results were transformative, and I feel like the system is easy for me to maintain. I was amazed at what Caren was able to do in a short amount of time.

I highly recommend Caren and her office transformation program to anyone who wants to increase their productivity and peace of mind."

Sara H, Office Organizing Client

"Caren was able to organize and choose just the right photos to use for our wedding album, 12 years later!"

"Caren created a wonderful wedding album for myself and my husband.

We were married 12 years ago and since then I have been carrying around a box of 500 photos. When I saw some other albums that Caren created, I asked her to make one for us.

Working long distance, she was able to organize and choose just the right photos to use and then created a classically-designed album that beautifully showcases our special day. My husband and I will treasure it forever.

Heather D, Photo Organizing Client

"She professionally compiled and edited our adoption profile book."

"Caren assisted my husband and I with our search for our baby, that we so adore.

Her efforts and creativity helped us develop a comprehensive yet fun explanation of who we are as a family unit.

We look forward to having Caren help us again to put together our baby’s first year book. Thank you Caren for your expertise!"

Brennan S, Photo Organizing Client

"The anniversary book was a big hit!"

"My in-laws love the 50th anniversary book you created – it brought tears, so it was a big hit. Thanks again for putting that together – I really appreciate it."

Christine T, Photo Organizing Client


I will unpack your photos and organize them by date or theme and store them in archival-safe containers.


I will digitize and backup your photos and memorabilia, both printed and digital and deliver them in digital format.


I will help you pick out your favorite photos, document their stories, and share them in beautiful photo story books.

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