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Throughout my career, I’ve learned that when you finally clear the physical clutter, it helps you clear mental clutter, too.

I think we all know the benefits of being organized… but reaching that state (let alone maintaining it) – that can feel elusive… maybe even impossible, right? The papers and stuff pile up and you can never get to it.

But calm and joy – getting you to a place where you can experience both a clear space and a clear mind – that’s my goal for you.

I’ve worked in organizing for the past two decades – first in scrapbooking, then photo organizing, and in more recent years, office and home organizing, productivity, and decluttering. To deliver the best practices possible, I am a Certified Productive Environment Specialist™. As your partner, I bring the 30+ years I’ve spent working in project management to my work. Through this part of my career, I became an expert at keeping both projects and people organized, working smoothly together to reach big picture goals.

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While my life’s work has equipped me to help you – so much of what has prepared me goes back to my lifelong love of organizing and the incredible power it has to change not only spaces, but also lives. I’ve known that since childhood, when yes - I was that little girl who’d sit in her bedroom drawing up floor plans, figuring out a space and a place for everything to go.

And the thing is you don’t have to love organizing like me to get and stay organized. All you need is an experienced person ready to guide you – someone who can help you finally “get the job done”, make hard decisions, and figure out your best strategies and systems to keep the clutter at bay and cultivate more calm and joy at your desk and throughout your home.

Because I know you work hard, and you really want to enjoy the life that you work so hard for. That’s why I’ll help you tackle all of that physical clutter and give you the peace of mind that comes from moving beyond it.

So, if you’re ready for that sense of calm, I’m here. Let’s “get the job done” together.



Brandeis University - BA in Psychology with a minor in Early Childhood Education

Georgetown University - MA in Sociology with a specialty in Demography

Rensselaer Polytechnic University, Hartford - MA in Business Administration

St. Joseph University - Graduate Certificate in Gerontology

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