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How to tackle your paper clutter

February 09, 20231 min read

“Clutter is postponed decisions .” - Barbara Hemphill

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the stacks of paper and mail piling up in your office and your home?  Do you keep putting off dealing with it because you don’t know how to start sorting it?  

My favorite process to deal with paper is the FAT System (File, Act, Toss).  These are the only three decisions that you need to make on any piece of paper.

1.    Does it require action? If so, when?

2.    Does it need to be filed?  Is it omething I need for future reference or a project I am currently working on?

3.    If it doesn’t fit in the first two categories, then toss it – shred it or recycle it.

That’s it! 

To make your sorting time efficient and productive, set a timer for up to 25 minutes and work through one stack at a time.  Sort the paper into 4 piles – File, Act, Toss/Shred and Recycle. 

For your date-related action items, the tool I recommend is the Swiftfile Solution.  With the Swiftfile, you will

·         Be able to quickly organize every piece of paper that requires action in the future.

·         Have clear reminders of personal and business action items.

·         Have a time management tool that saves you time by not having to search through endless amounts of clutter.

·         Never miss another deadline.

The FAT System and the Swiftfile Solution™ are just two of the components of my Office Transformation Program™. If you would like to learn more about this program, please schedule a call with me.

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Caren Osborne

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